Nice Panel


That actually looks pretty good compared to most of the ones I see.

Here in Florida most fuse panels equal no insurance unless replaced or higher insurance costs.

That looks like an awful lot of 20a fuses for such an old panel. I would be checking wire sizes.

Well, after noting the Fed/Pacific, no ground, and assorted double taps, I reccomended the services of an electrician.:slight_smile:

very nice

FPE fuse panels have no inherent problems, but everything else about this system sucks :wink:

I did not know that about FPE fuse panels. Now I do, thank you Squire.:smiley:

If they fixed the double taps and put the right size type S adapters in there (you need a tool to get the old ones out) this might be safer than a brand new breaker panel. Fuses usually blow at their rating. It is breakers that can stick closed. I just wonder why someone would go to the trouble to install S adapters and then use the wrong size. I suppose this could all be 12ga circuits but I doubt it.