EIFS house wrap

This is an example of EIFS over a single layer of house wrap over the OSB. House wrap alone does not work. I tucked the wrap up to get the shot.

The OSB is saturated at all normal problem areas.

I threw in a few photos of the other unique features to this house, hope you enjoy.

Where did the wrap get tucked Barry?

Looks like flashing,backer rod and sealant problems.

Thats a real nice diverter the roofers made.

Was the cap on the chimney down in the middle so it will hold a little water?

When will the mfgrs. of the meter cans/boxes figure out they need to have a flange on top to make them self flashing on all claddings? Thats where everyone needs water coming in at a 200 amp service.

WaterlogOSB.JPG (69.6 KB)

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You really shouldn’t damage the wall like that Barry!

It had tyvek stuccowrap on it huh? And it was cut short of the bottom. Nothing but a QUALITY installation.

They have the best of house wraps and the finest of installation specs!

By tapeing all the horizontal joints and haveing it behind the flashings so as not to violate their precious product. Where do the expect the moisture to go?

Tyvek behind all flashings!


This one the carpenters and roofers jacked up and the stuccoman has it lathed and ready to go.


No second layer of moisture barrier and when the tyvek comes in contact with the cement it looses its water hold out ability. So I have been told!

More wrap crap!


Hi. Carl; Hope you have been fine.

Stumbled over this and maybe you could shed some light on it.
Not familiar with this Type D kraft face. Never seen it.


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Interesting though.


House wraps have several problems.
The biggest for me is tapeing the horizontal joints of any moisture barrier! For the longest tyvek wanted it pulled in at the head of doors and windows thats like tucking your rain coat in your boots and pants!

When / not if the water gets in it is trapped. And they also said to not violate their product to tape window and roof flashing to it! What a crock.

With felt paper when it gets hot it gets gooie and kinda seals its self to nails and staples plastic house wraps can not do that!

There is moisture vapor moving all the time allways to the cold side. When it condences and starts to bead and build up on the plastic it is trapped at every horizontal joint!

Hows this for starters?


Under a layer of 15# felt or 2 layers of Grade-d paper will provide a great drainage plane.

Thanks Carl,
I have not seen this Product used in this area.
Is this product for any siding facade or is it proprietary product for Stucco Installations. ?

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Any! It creates a good drainage plane under almost anything!



Hence 2 layers always required.

They knew of the capillary action before it was proven, just kept it under wraps.

Thanks Barry; Good information.

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Please enlighten me here. Tyvex should not be installed if house is going to be installed with EIFS???


page 4-6 http://www.buildingscience.com/resources/articles/Water-Managed_Wall_Systems.pdf#search=%22stucco%22

Post #3 has stucco wrap, brand name of spunbonded olefin doesn’t matter, this is trapped water at the foundation termination and everywhere moisture has entered, so much for the drainage plane.

Follow the directions and it is like tucking your rain pants into your rain boots during a rain storm.

Well said Barry!

It’s what I have heard many times from a wise friend of mine. CB