Unfinished EIFS

Just wanted to put in some pics of an area with unfinshed EIFS. I wrote this up as neeeding further eval… Any input??


It would be helpful to have a wider angle shot along with the closeup. Is this condition tucked up under an eave?

Its actually at the roof line to chimney connection, the openings were on each side of the chimney. The kick out flashing will divert the majority of the water run off.

Where ever EIFS comes in contact with another material there should be a backer rod and sealant joint!
It is in need of repair.

Carl is correct but it also has to be backwrapped. This is incorrect and IS LEAKING!

Tim, Good Call!

If a kick-out flashing does not divert ALL the water you still have a major problem. You can clearly see the beads of Poly from the insulation, meaning it was not back wrapped, there is no mesh, and it is doubtful there is the mandatory 2 inch stand off with metal flashing from the wall of the chimney chase and the roof line (shinlges or tiles). This looks like the typical crap that builders do whenever they attempt to do EIFS installation and do not know the thaw they are doing. This isn’t even remotely close to the EIMA standards. If only a trickle of water is getting into the attic via the joint there will be wood damage from water intrusion. Just did a house yesterday with all the EIFS installed improperly. Only 10 years old so they have had plenty of time to learn how to do it right.

“Recommend proper backwrapping and sealant to the substrate by a licensed contractor experienced in proper EIFS installation methods”

You’ve already correctly evaluated it… Good call. :wink:

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Well guys I have some more information, There was a major leak in this house over the new years flooding in my area. It just so happens that the leak was in this area and nobody could determine what caused the leak. This is a scenario for disaster for my home inspection company, I wrote it up and was blown off by the realtor, he told me I was nit picking and the damage was properly repaired. I beg to differ!!