electric baseboard heater

I have the understanding that an electric baseboard heater should not attain a temp above about 165 degrees. Is that a code issue, a manuf. stat, a rule of thumb? I have seen it before on this board, but can’t find it. I run into many that will reach a temp of 190-205. Way too hot for me. Any help?

Should have built in limits and operate under planned wattage.
Safety concerns seem to be the same for all models…

  1. Keep all electrical cords, foam filled articles, drapes, bedding, and other household furnishings away from contact with
    heater. It is recommended all items be kept a minimum of
    six (6") inches (152mm) from heater.
  2. Do not install baseboard heater below electrical convenience
    receptacles (outlets).
  3. Do not install baseboard heater against vinyl wallpaper,
    paperboard or low density fiberboard surface. Do not install
    vinyl drapes or vinyl blinds above heater.
  4. Do not recess heater in wall.
  5. The installation must comply with applicable Local and National
    Electrical Codes and utility requirements.
  6. Do not remove or by-pass thermal cutout.
  7. To reduce the risk of fire, do not store or use gasoline or
    other flammable vapors and liquids in the vicinity of the
  8. Personal injury or death could result from electric shock.
    Disconnect all power to heater at main panel before attempting
    to install or service this heater.
  9. Supply voltage must be the same as heater voltage. Check
    heater nameplate and supply voltage before energizing.
  10. When using RSA Transformer Relay Accessory, supply
    wiring must be suitable for 90°C.

Bob - I understand and agree with all that. But where is the data and what constitutes a temp too high. Or am I wrong about the temp?