Electric Cove Heaters - How Hot?

Has anyone inspected electric cove heaters? How hot are they supposed to get? They look like a baseboard heater but mounted on the wall about 8 inches from the ceiling. It has a radiant heating element mounted on the front face of the unit.

I inspected one that was so hot it sizzled when touch with a moistened finger…like a hot iron. Is that normal?



I’ve seen many cast iron radiators get hotter than 160 degrees F. I simply recommend covers for child safety.

Your cove heaters are at least 6 feet off the floor so I don’t see a problem.

How hot were they?

It would have caused a burn if touched for more than a moment. It sizzled with a moistened finger.

I did not get a temperature measurement, my IR thermometer display was behaving erratically. I think it did not like spending the night in a cold cold van.

As long as you noted them as “too hot to touch”, you’re covered.

I can’t believe you leave your tools in your truck on cold nights. In the winter months, I drag mine inside every night.

I know but it was not intentional. It rolled out of my toolbag un-noticed.

Thanks David,