electric double ovens

What size wire is typical for double ovens in new construction?

Anyone have a data sheet for one of these ovens?

I assume that they are capable of powering 4 burners at a time.

I have written up “too small wiring” for these on predrywall inspections and the builders have installed larger wire but then they put in the same smaller cable on the next house.

Standard double ovens generally require 50 Amp circuits with #6AWG Copper or #4AWG Aluminum.

At my parent’s house they have a set of Kitchenaid double ovens, and I remember from when the house was being built (1999) that there is a 40 amp circuit with No.8 feeding it (standard), BUT that the supply lines on the oven itself are 2xNo.12 for hot, and 1xNo.16 for neutral.

Perhaps some people incorrectly assume that it would be okay to downsize the feeder just because the wires on the device itself are smaller.

hmmm…For reasons I should not post…I will not go into the many twists and turns of Art 210.19(A)(3) which can make this question very complicated.

Bruce, it depends IF each unit is direct wired from the panel or they are run into a junction box and TAPPED to these applicances.

I think they have one receptacle for the entire unit.
I guess if a regular oven can run on a 50 amp with 6 elements typical a double oven would only have 4 elements max and a 40 amp circuit would be ok.

Paul, by direct wired you mean wire nutted inside of the unit?


Many of the ones we deal with that are double ovens…they have a PLUG for each one…and seperate feeds for each to the panel…

If they are running ONE feed to a JB and TAPPING it gets way more complicated…thats why I was asking…Is their a feed to each oven or is it done from a single feeder to a junction box and tapped to each stove.

Its not visible when the home is finished.
So, if they have a junction box it would have to be setup as a subpanel and be accessible unless the wire size remained the same to each oven?

Yes, the junction box would have to have access to it. Usually this is done under the counter to the side of the STACK of ovens.

One way to tell is at the panel…should be labeled as such…and if it is TWO different feeders to these units it will have (2) sets of double poles for this setup…if you only see (1) double pole and labeled OVENS then chances are they ran a single feeder and hit a junction and used the tap allowance as listed in 210.19(A)(3)…