Electric furnace questions

I’m looking for some help, I’m a little freaked out. I was inspection as Electric furnace the same way I have done 100"s of times before and never had a problem. Yesterday I went to check the voltage on each element with my multi meter and as soon as I touched the element it shorted and blew the breakers 50 amp on the furnace, 125 amp Sub panel and main panel as well as the element but not my muti meter. why did it blow? my muti meter was set to 700V a/c. is there a installation electrical issue here? or am i just not seeing something?

Did you pull the heater and inspect it after it blew?

Then you will never know…

We shut the power off and checked for resistance of the element after, and it was open. We have an Electrician looking at it now.

Ya should of been checking for amperage not voltage;-)

Was there an issue that caused you to check for voltage?

I can only speculate that you had a loose or damaged element that shorted when you touched it and made it move. Cracked porcelain insulator.

To each his own, but were you there to perform a Home Inspection, or an HVAC Inspection?

You went WAY beyond the scope of a Home Inspector, IMO.

I have a voltmeter, and an amp clamp, and know how to use them, but never take them out during a home inspection.

Just sayin’



Well said we need to practice to **KISS **more often

I don’t agree with this thinking there are 17,000 HI’s that are keeping it simple. To exceed in this business one must perform above the SOP as its just a minimum standard.:roll:

Do you normally suspect voltage issues at each inspection?

No I set the stat to call for all elements to activate and use a amp probe and if no amps that is the end of the electric furnace inspection. If there is a voltage problem let it be found when the HVAC tech repairs the furnace