electric heat

I’m going to inspect a home with electric heat in the ceiling. Home was built in 1963. What do I look for, where can I find information on this type of heat to give to the buyer?

I thought all of those systems had been disabled by now. Had that in the house I grew up in, cost too much to operate too.

Depending on the temperature in the house when you arrive, you may have to let it run for an hour and feel or measure the temperature on every ceiling in multiple areas.

Also check the power connections and wire sizes, good luck finding info on it, have to run and don’t have time to google it.

Don’t forget to recommend an upgrade to disable that system.

This is a perfect place for using a IR camera, turn on the heat waite a minute or two and take your picture what could be easier? you can see quite quickly if the heat is going to work without a lot of guess work,good luck

I just check with an infrared thermometer to make sure it works in each room and inform the client that they are not efficient. Warm air rises and the heat will be maintained at the ceiling of the rooms.

As indicated previously, relatively expensive to operate. The older systems were a sheetrock, heating element, sheetrock sandwich of sorts. Most are abandoned when they quit functioning. In the living areas you probably won’t see much to inspect other than a wall mounted thermostat. I have only seen systems where each room is on a seperate 240V breaker. If you don’t have an IR camera you can SLOWLY scan the ceiling with a laser or IR thermometer. If you have continuous rising and falling temp’s (as you pass over the element grid) the system is likely functional.

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Just a side warning, I have seen these expand/contract till the ceiling fell in. Im sure this is an extreme case, and had allot to do with how it was installed, But is something else to check for.