Radiant Heat System

Hey Gang,
Have a question, got a client that is looking at a home with electric radiant wall heat. I am trying to find information for them on line to provide them with some literature. How do I inspect this and were can I get info to provide for them on how to maintain it.
Thanks for the help

Not much to inspect. If it works then it is pretty much good to go. You might make the point to make sure they know not to drive nails into that wall. (Had a client do that once)

If that’s the only heat source I’d be wondering what level of insulation they have. Electric is expensive heat so wasting it can be very expensive.

Is this heat on an exterior wall?

Not sure, I asked the owner and she did not know much about it. I would assume (although not on paper) that it does not. the interior walls would be used and the exterior walls would be insulated to protect heat loss. But, I am not sure. First one of these that I have inspected…or not inspected as the case may be. The bathrooms have baseboard heat and the home gets comfortable in about ten minutes. i like it as a heat source…very comfortable. The buyer wants to go to forced air though???