Electric Mast Installation

I have issues with this electrical mast installation, but what can I call out, short of being a “code enforcer.”


What are your issues?

Can that mast be installed next to the gutter like that? Obviously the flashing is problematic.

My answer is yes. What problem do you think that creates?

I was unsure. I’ve just never seen it installed like this. Thanks for your input.

Mike, it’s not in the code… look up the red book for the power company serving the house. They dictate exactly how the mast should be installed and secured. The pictured mast would be atypical in my area. The mast must be able to hold 1000lb of horizontal tension in my area…

Although it may be a bit unorthodox I do not see it as a defect. The utility company didn’t see a problem either when they connected the drop to it. The NEC is silent on this other than to say that it needs to have adequate strength to support the drop. If it’s OK with the POCO then it should be fine.

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Thanks guys.

You are assuming this :slight_smile:

Yes that is an assumption but after all it did get connected. Around here the utility company inspects it before they make the connection so unless someone other than the utility company connected it I’m assuming that the POCO found it to be adequate.