Electric Panel Near to Door

I understand that an electric panel needs a 36" clearance space around it for ease of access. I’ve got a door, and then 18"-24", then the wall ends in a corner. Does a closed door count towards the 36" clearance, or would I need 36" between the wall corner and the edge of the door?

The door area can count towards the required working space of 36" wide.

The width requirement is 30" or width of equipment. The 36" is based on the frontal clearance of that base 30". I assume you are talking about the left to right width…again that would be 30" or width of the equipment…which ever is greater. In the case of a typical panel enclosure, as long as you have 30" of open width and the panel is installed in that space then you have met the width requirement. Again the 36" is the frontal working space out from that 30" width. Please review Section 110.26 of the 2011 NEC for additional clarity.

Thanks Paul for the correction, as stated it’s 30" of width and 36" of depth.

I knew you understood it:)…just wanted to make sure Zach was clear. Keep up the awesome work fella.