Electric Radiant Ceiling Panels

I thought that I had posted this thread earlier but I can no longer find it. I need to know if anyone has any information about faulty or re-called electric radiant ceiling panels used from 1975 to 1985, and why they are faulty. I have done an inspection recently where the residence was heated soley by these panels, and although they seemed to be working fine, somewhere in the vast reaches of my mind I seem to recall an article about these panels in which a specific brand name was being re-called due to a potential fire hazard. Does anyone, especially you, Roy Cook, have any information that you can pass on to a fellow NACHI junior inspector? It would be much appreciated.


Is this any help…near bottom of page…from Carlson and Dunlop



Hy Brett hope this helps .
The old way to test Radiant heating was to turn it on and spray water on the ceiling where it dried was a working element .
Now we have Laser thermoters it is easier .
Have a look at these and see if it helps .




Here are a few I have also




Roy Cooke

Thank you gentlemen. As always, your help is much appreciated. :smiley: