Electrical Furnace

How do you know how many KW a electric furnace uses if you don’t look by removing the front cover. How many KW does the furnace in the PIC have, this question should be for the newbies.:wink:

I guess the newbies are having a little trouble here. Maybe it should not be called a furnace…

I did that on purpose but most newbies are afraid of the Trolls and won’t ask a question or answer a question and I really don’t blame them. This forum needs a old fashion house cleaning;-)

LOL you trickster

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I guess you missed it too.:roll::roll:

0 KW…

I take my sharpie and mark what I want on the label. :slight_smile:


R U Still a Newbie:p

Not really

but charlie seeme to be begging for a newbie to answer.

I just try to generate the thought process:D:D The simple things are the most overlooked. I would like to see a report that stated the upstairs furnace did not operate in the heating mode;-) and that could of easily happened by the guys that just operate a system from its thermostat. Its called getting egg on your face when you over look something like this

They are only used for aux heat here. That was the main heat source for that that house?

No it was for cooling only for the upstairs There was a 5 ton split system and gas furnace for down stairs that was providing heat for the upstairs just would not cool the upstairs so this little AHU with no heat strips was installed

Air Handler … If I looked at it right, no 240v breaker / 120v power to unit.

Air Handler … If I looked at it right, no 240v breaker / 120v power to unit.

No heat strips, etc, etc

That is correct but how many have over looked that it was as obvious as the nose on your face;-)

How true thanks Charlie for saying this much appreciated … Roy .

This forum needs a old fashion house cleaning

Charley thats silly …

As soon as they got out their amprobe and went to check heat strips even the slow ones would notice something was NOT there.

I try not to use the word air handler anymore. I get too many clients asking what that is. I say furnace, they understand better.

Sometimes you got to dumb it down. I have the same problem with some Realtors.