Electrical ground across water meter to plastic supply pipe?

How effective would this set-up be? The ground strap across the meter is OK. Just wondering how good is the plastic supply pipe is for a conductor. THe house is 8 years old.

It make look OK but it sure isn’t doing anything worthwhile.
How was the servoce equipment grounded?

Exactly why an earth-ground rod is required and the copper water pipes inside the house should be bonded.

I bet there is a ground rod outside and the water bonded nearer the panel.
The meter was likely jumped out since the NEC tells us to when the pipe is used an electrode, which this pipe is obviously not.
See how it is just a jumper, and not a GEC (grounding electrode conductor).
Either it is just for looks, or some dopey inspector made the contractor install it.

In this case, there was an addition grounding lead that went through the service conduit to the exterior of the home. Unfortunately, I could not see the termination since it wasn’t exposed on the exterior.

Who you callin’ dopey…Oh you meant AHJ. I see.

How this happened is they did the install, finished the subdivision and then had a contractor come in to put in all the meters .
The installer is not a plumber he has taken a quick course on how to do the meter install he has no idea what the reason for the ground jumper is he is just doing as told.
Our town did not have meters and after 30 years they had a company put in the meters.
Some instillations are humorous Cupboards doors that can not be opened example.
Low price got the job.


IMHO, that doesn’t look like ‘grounding’ just bonding all piping around removable items, like meters and water headers.

I don’t see any grounding wire from the service panel, so this is why I made this comment.

Grounding ‘outside’ like at the meter base is ok, infact some utilities want to see this before they install a meter. Was there any wires coming out of the meterbase? Was there a seperation of the Equipment grounding bar, and the grounded conductor (“neutral”) bar? I guess i’m asking for more photos, please. :smiley:


There was nothing exposed (service lateral) on the exterior of the home. I did attach a pic of the panel but it doesn’t show the conductors exiting the panel.


From the latest photo, it’s oke that there is a conductor going to the copper piping, it’s now bonded, but I don’t see any grounding in the panel.

With the presence of the bonding screw, there is one or another problem here:

  1. No grounding.

  2. Grounding at the meter base, and possibley an improperly installed service panel.

Defently refer this so a qualifed electrician.