electrical inspection

I recently had my home inspected and the inspector guarantee’s his work based on the International Standards of Practice for Performing a General Home Inspection of NACHI.

My inspector notified me that we have Knob & Tube wiring in the basement and attic but failed to mention the other floors. I just found out I indeed have knob and tube wiring in other areas of my house. Is this something my inspector should have found? The electrical standards is a bit unclear to my ignorance on the subject:

Any help you can provide would be much appreciated, thank you

My take - sounds like the open spaces noted the (visible) presence of K&T, most likely concealed spaces would likely not.

  1. Limitations, Exceptions & Exclusions
    2.1. Limitations:
    (More importantly) An inspection will not identify concealed or latent defects.

I agree to what Claude said.

Also, in my opinion, if the inspector noted the house had live K&T at Both the basement and attic that was enough to warrant a more detailed inspection of the electrical system by a qualified electrician that is well-versed with K&T wiring.

And there are no codes that I’m aware that prohibit knob & tube wiring, as long as it was installed correctly, didn’t have any improper modifications and/or damage insulation, etc. Though some insurance carriers will not insure a house with K&T.

Agree with Chris and Claude, and as Chris pointed out, “Knob and Tube” itself IS NOT a material defect. A home inspector is required by InterNACHI to report that K&T is present in the home, IF it was readily observed by the inspector without the need for invasive techniques. IMO, the inspector did his/her job and advised you that K&T is present in the home. Now it’s up to you to decide how you are going to use the information provided you by the inspector.


The inspector found knob and tube and informed you about it, it his not his/her job to go on a k&t hunt and point out every where it exists. You have bought a home that I’m guessing is at least 80 years old, these type of homes require constant love and attention. Welcome to home ownership and good luck in your home.

Thanks for the responses guys! Oh the joys of owning a old home!