knob and tube components

If there is already a thread I apologize but didn’t see one yet. I have a question about knob and tube components and how you guys handle them, specifically on a 4point. We mention that there are knob and tube components in the home on our 4 point however is there a line drawn as far as wiring or no wiring, hooked up or dead, and no wiring but still having the knobs and tubes present. What do you guys report and what is the standard concerning underwriters for this info if you don’t mind me asking it would be a great help. Thank you!!

Only gets reported if it is live, there are no issues after it’s been disconnected, besides I’ve never seen it removed.

agreed, removal would mean removal of the walls too… If its not live, its abandoned, which is (practically) just as good.

I would report that it is abandoned when found and tested to be dead, but would also point out that there still could be some live K & T behind walls, under insulation or in inaccessible areas.


I would not report it at all, if not active. Only asking for trouble from all parties if you start speculating without actually observing live K&T.

Only report the rewiring of the home and try and date it.



as do I.


I think I would also add “abandoned services should be removed”. where visible and accessible.

Why would you want to complicate things for your client?

Thanks for the responses, looks like there’s some different opinions, I just don’t want to get in trouble for insurance fraud lol. There seems to be a lot of liability for sure!

Edward, as long as you report what you “see” you will hardly be held responsible for “hidden” defects. You fill the report in honestly and diligently and that’s all that’s expected.



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