Electrical outlet behind gas meter

What would YOU say?

electric outlet.JPG

I’d be willing to bet a nickel that the meter was placed in front of the recepetacle, and not the other way around. The meter looks brand new.

I’d also question the proximity of the meter to the A/C condensor.

Looks to me like a POCO doing what it wants again.

I have seen that here a few times as well. This may help.


Thanks Guys,
I couldn’t find anything in NEC either. Waiting for call back from gas company.
I know if it was my house I would one or the other moved!

There is nothing in the NEC but the gas code may address this. I really do not see the problem. You have electric equipment around gas pipes all the time. Look at your furnace and that is inside the house.

Yeah…I think me and greg have chatted on this one before…I believe the link someone posted above we talked about it.