Electrical overhead question

This a first. Overhead service wires attached to a 7’+ mast and attached at about 5’, wires run to the drip loop and enter the home through the main weatherhead. Attachment of wires to the mast is with electrical tape.

Anyone with any insight on this installation.

The electrical tape will deteriorate leaving the cables to wear on the mast. I would definitely refer to a qualified electrical contractor. Good catch.

Those conductors are power company, not homeowner.

That’s what I noted, appreciate the feedback!

I thought power company was usually responsible for up to the splice?

*Note: There are 2 masts. (1) oxidized mast with SE cables secured and another shorter mast in good condition.

The Utility/POCO -Power Company Overhead SEC clearly terminate on the drip loop on the tallest mast prior continuing down the oxidized/corroded mast.

Personally I see no problem with the insulated SE conductor cables being secured to avoid cable insulator/jacket ware.

The corroded mast requires review and service from a licensed electrical contractor.

Just my 2 cents.

Sorry for the edits.

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Recommend adding zip ties and be done with it

Initially a thought of mine as well, but I’ve also had experiences where the trusty zip tie after a little bit of UV exposure becomes quiet brittle and worthless. Thanks for the input!

Thanks for the info, arrows and all!

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My pleasure, Dakota.
My interpretation is POCO is not responsible.
As for secured cables. As log as the cables are secured to the mast in such a way that will not negatively affect the insulator jacket, damage or kink the cable or effect personal safety, then Bob’s your uncle mate or, “you’re all set”. :grinning:

Not if you use the correct type.