What would say about this!

What would say about this service entrance line.

Thanks! for your input.

Maybe nothing. Are the splices properly insulated or not? I can’t really tell. Looks like the cambric is a little rough. but maybe okay.

Thanks! Marc

What do you think needs to be said about this?

Looks OK location wise, ie, not over too much of the roof.

I agee with Marc

What are the other lines for?

A man might guess phone and cable.

I would say “Improper Drip Loop”.

John Kogel

What is wrong with the drip loop. It perfoms its function.

The drip loop just looked different to me.

I just don’t like it. :stuck_out_tongue:
Why invite water into the jacket of the supply cable when you can prevent it?

That looks like a spiral overwrap to prevent abrasion or accidental contact with the triplex. I have never seen a drop with an overall jacket.

I don’t see any major issues here. It’s performing as intended and it’s been like that for years with no issues.

That drop cable is not jacketed. It is “bundled”. It’s more or less a handy packaging they sometimes use when the drop goes through trees, or for no particular reason at all. The conductors inside can be underwater, if need be, and they’ll be fine. The drop loop is only to keep water out of the mast, which that arrangement certainly does. It’s a nonconventional arrangement, but perfectly acceptable and functional.

Acknowledged. I’ve never seen a jacket either but that looked like one.