Electrical panel in bedroom walk-in closet

House built in 2000. I am having a hard time deciphering the requirements as it looks like there were some changes around this time. I’m pretty sure that having this service equipment in the closet is not permitted, correct? Layman’s terms, please. :smiley: TIA.
p.s. the owner moved all of the clothes and storage out of the way;-)

This should clarify things.
Safely Installing Electrical and Service Panels in Residential Closets | Electrical Contractor Magazine

Another reference, 1987 NEC:

Panels are located in utility closets and approved all the time with proper clearances. If clearance was kept I don’t see a major issue as pictured. The wording is vague as it does not absolutely prohibit a panel in a closet, more like just around easily ignited materials.

I agree that the wording is somewhat vague but the photo clearly depicts a closet that, among other things, is designed to store clothing. That fails inspection 100 out of 100 times around here. :slight_smile:

What if the clothing was not close to the panel?

Define close? IMO the wording is clear that it is prohibited because it says “such as in clothes closets”.

also is flooring “easily ignitable”
pulled a cover & the last screw upon withdrawal knicked wires
sparks/molten metal flew & carpet ignited
my flamenco lesson paid off

As I mentioned in my PS, the seller had to move about 30 articles of clothing hanging in front of it, in addition to shoe boxes and everything else on the floor. It’s definitely a clothes closet and most definitely will be used as such.

The OP photo has a closet rod, for hanging clothes, directly above the panel. :smiley:

Doesn’t working clearance come into play here?

Another good point. :slight_smile:

During the late sixty’s through early eighty’s my area had 100’s of homes constructed with FPE stab lok 100 amp panels in bedroom closets with the meter base exactly opposite the panel on the exterior wall designed to save the cost of larger conductors. Local AHJ’s are slowly requiring the panels be moved/replaced to the exterior meter base when ever upgrading. The old panel is used as a junction box.