Panel in living room

200 year old house. The main panel was installed in a “closet” in the living room. Any code against this? I don’t know when it was installed, but somewhat recently. It is a 200AMP service. There is no building inspector in the town.

left side of picture



Why would it be a problem?

The only issue I see is the door is not 30" wide. I don’t really see this as a practical problem since the closet is so shallow but it is a technical violation.

BTW this is exactly how my panel is installed in my bedroom except it is a 32" door. My space is a little deeper/wider and I have wall space around the sides for my cable splitter/amp, telco 66 punch block and network switch along with the Christmas light timer and low voltage lighting controller. I also store batteries and tools on pegboard on the sides. It makes a handy catch all space for your electrical needs.

I don’t think panels have been allowed in closets in quite some time. Panel covers occasionally become energized, and all those nice, flammable clothes pressed tightly up against an energized panel creates a real nice fire hazard.

This is not a clothes closet as referenced in 240.24(D). It is an electrical closet like what they reference in 110.31. As long as they do not store “easily ignited material” there, it is OK.

Might help if I would actually look at the picture, huh? :roll:


 yes, I would agree this is not going to be under any classification of a clothes Closet, greg is correct in the 30" width as a technical violation.

Now I wish the picture was up closer because It appears the conductors are not secured within 12" of leaving the panel enclosure and so on....could be other issues but as for being in a NON-CLOTHES closet and redefined as an electrical closet...then I dont have a problem with that.....

Now they can make it a BIG problem very fast if they choose to put things in that equipment closet that would force it to NOT be what it is now..

Sometimes in remodels the AHJ's allow slight changes and allowances to certain things...clearances if we are talking about usually something they will allow....

As requested, here is a closer picture, sorry for not using this one instead. I have noted other issues including the securing within 12". Thanks for the input.

Yeah…safe to say I see OTHER issues in that situation versus simply harping on the 30" width clearance…lol

If the less than 30’’ W clearnce was the only problem, would you still call it out? There appears to be enough room to access the service equipment.

I would, but not in a “universe is collapsing” sort of way.

That bottoms portion looks like R2D2 vomited.

Oh no faceplate on the receptacle box. :smiley:


If This Is The Original Locaton, It May According To Local Custom Be Grandfathered,for Its Location. But The Closet Looks Much Newer! I’d Worry More For Access Than Location.