Electrical wire with staples

I was on a job and there was electrical wiring running accross the roof truss’s and they were stapled at the base portion of the truss. I believe I ran across that this was illegal but for the life of me cannot find where I found it. Thanks, in advance for any help.


That looks really good to me.

Nice and neat.

OK with me.



It depends on a few factors one being access and the other how close to the access are the cables.

Robert, I suppose the intent of that is to prevent someone damaging the wire if they store objects in the attic but it is so poorly written and explained as to cause lots of confusion.

The OP would not be in compliance as the wire looks to be less than 6 ft. from the scuttle.

Code aside, I would have a tough time calling what is pictured a defect worth fixing.

They are not installed correctly as the prongs should go through the insulation covering.
Those are tester staples designed to get a E/I reading from the metal U nail surface.
You place mutimeter red lead on the metal surface then ground the other for your reading with no need to open the junction box.
Gosh what is wrong with you guys?

Bob, look at the pic I posted. They legit for NM.

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Cute Bob love it… Roy

Can I ask where all the insulation went that would normally cover all this nice and neat electrial work?;):mrgreen:

In the second photo, the cable nearest the camera has been damaged just past the staple.

Like Bob would know what NM looks like…:wink:

See it all the time and here is the latest example.
They did not need any stinkin staples either …keeps it nice and portable.



You guys with the fast onsite reports do not work Chicago,trust me.

Also in Maine Bob.





Romex = Extension cord.

Never see real conduit looking like that.

Bob, the majority of the NM cable in the pictures are being suspended from the undersized 18 gauge wire that is holding up the suspended ceilings.

A big no no. ;):slight_smile:

Glad you can see through that mess as it looks like a Gordian knot to my eyes.


That is a nice and neat staple job for the home runs. As far as being to close to the access… I think the 6’ from the scuttle rule made it in the 2008 code book but don’t quote me. You could easily slap two 2x4’s on either side of those wires and they are protected.