Electrolysis? Sulfur?

This seems like black tar and was covering the majority of copper piping visible. Measured over 5 amps on plumbing near water meter. hot/neu reversed on many outlets. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

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5 amps is a helluva lot of current for water pipes. Are you sure of that measurement? That could be fatal.

What comes to mind is an open neutral coupled with grounds & neutrals reversed somewhere in the system, resulting in a parallel path of current.

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5.2 amps. I realize how strange and dangerous this is and am sure you are correct in regards to the parrallel path of current. With this current using the pipes would that explain electrolysis doing this to the pipes? Has anyone ever seen anything like this or this severe?

That is very bizarre looking and I have no idea what caused it so I hope someone chimes in here. My question is how exactly did you measure 5 amps? A clamp on ammeter?

Is it an electric heaters in the Tank if so one might have gone to ground in side and the return load is being carried by the copper pipe.
Would like more information
I would not have found this as I do not take electric reading in my inspections. Roy Cooke

I’m pretty sure most don’t take current readings on plumbing. Voltage readings maybe, if you suspected something like this.