Electronic terminal to condensor (huh!)

Found this connected to a outside split system condenser.20 years old
What the heck is it for ?

Looks like the boxes electric companies put on condensers to turn them off during peak periods (with homeowner’s approval). Have one on mine that looks very similar.

Never heard of that in chicago area.

That is not a typical load control center. It has a radio transmitter circuit in there. Someone is monitoring something on that house. It may be part of one of the first remotely read power meters. The one I have is all built inside the glass meter and it says “radio” on it. That could also be wired into the low voltage control for the condensor to keep the contactor from coming on.

interesting and yes it is older.
I thought it was a telephony box for voip, at first.

Now you’re in for it Bob… you clipped the tag!!!:shock::shock::stuck_out_tongue:


Part of Obama’s plan to see who’s gonna get their taxes raised for using too much energy. :shock: