Emergency heat

What is the proper temperature when running the emergency heat.

I was only getting about 70 degree air.

The heat pump was working properly in the heating mode.

Hi Dave,

the temp of the air being produced by the emmergency heat will depend on the ambient air temp, what was the inside air temp or the difference between the supply and return.

Also it is not unusual to find one or more of the heat strips have burned out.



That temp of 70F output at vents is low for the emergency heat mode. As Gerry suggests the electrical elements could be burned out or a relay?

The inside temperature was about 64 degrees, The outside temperature was about 55 degrees.

How long did you run the system in the emergency heat mode?

Only 10-15 minutes.

Time for a good HVAC man to check it out

You have done your job to say that it does not smell right


For a two stage system, heat pump and aux heat back up, the selector switch (heat/emergency heat) only tells the system which one is the primary. In the normal ‘heat’ mode the outside temp dictates which is the primary heat source, and regardless of what heat mode, both are controlled by the thermostat.

Get some chat time with your local HVAC dude, as quick call like a consumer can get a wealth of info.