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A FYI, from my experience: I’m seeing an uptick in requests for energy audits. The Inflation Reduction Act has money available to homeowners. Included is a $150 rebate towards the total cost of an energy audit. This time around, cost assistance for the improvements is also part of the legislation. Ten years ago, that was not the case.

My local electric provider has sent me referrals, which seem to be on the rise. At the same time, a County program is being revitalized that has me as their subcontractor. Too bad it lost federal funding about 5 years ago, because now I have to start from scratch for BPI certification. I let my certification expire for lack of demand. Fortunately, there is “workforce enhancement” money available, money I’m taking advantage of for re-certification.

My experience is that Federal funding is essential in order for energy auditing to be a viable endeavor that is worth the time invested in certification. Supposedly the Inflation Reduction Act funding is good for 10 years. Nothing is in full swing right now, but it’s gearing up here and I do see a potential worth the risk.

Something to consider for inspectors looking for other leads and endeavors.


This is Bidens/Libs/Dems way to get inside of homes to inventory any NG Appliances in advance of their BANNED appliances laws going into effect!!

(Same as with Vampires… they can only enter if invited)!!

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They won’t mess with you if your roof is painted blue. So I’ve heard.


What does this have to do with this discussion? None of this information gets to the government. Reports are confidential between the homeowner and the auditor, thus more confidential than a home inspection (no realtor involved). If what you say is true, we’d better eliminate the appliance component of a home inspection.

There are people who believe that energy use and energy cost in the home are important issues to address. Often, it’s simple economics. Other times, it’s because the client wishes to reduce their carbon footprint.

I’m reporting this information for the benefit of inspectors who are interested in this work. It will probably decline again with a Republican administration, like it did last cycle. As it stands now, it’s probably good for 10 years. Any inspector approaching this work should understand the politics behind the funding, and thus the demand.

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That is so funny!! :rofl:

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If Inspectors feel they can make additional income then by all means do it. However IMO this is looking like no different than when the original energy audit craze occurred. Many will spend $Thousands and we will see them advertise their equipment for sale not long after they buy it.

The entire energy audit program again IMO is window dressing for whoever in Gubberment that chooses to push it. The concept is good and helpful but rarely is it ever properly implemented. Even the Building codes have truly bastardized the concept in how they handle it.


Another business group entering this arena are the insulation specialist contractors. It’s logical for them to have blower door/infra red expertise and certification as a component of their work. That’s the competition to any home inspector considering entering this field.

As a stand alone, the Building Science Principles course, the first step in BPI certification, is a good one to complete for HI - CE, making any inspector more knowledgeable and a better inspector.

I do not know if this will help but here goes… How to Perform Home Energy Audits Course

InterNACHI’s Home Energy Inspection Program

Worth considering, in the States: Energy audit work has been good this fall and taken up the slack of low HI work due to higher mortgage interest rates. The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) incentivizes an energy audit through a tax credit and incentivizes home energy use reduction through rebates and tax credits for improvement work. There is significant investment in training and equipment, but it’s worth considering as added income. Because of this, for my market, I doubt I’ll have other local competition for this work. I market myself primarily through the local utilities and energy providers, along with a local energy use program. There are companies in larger cities that specialize in this work and cover a wide geographical area. The IRA energy use component is a 10 year program, which is good, but also is subject to political whims.