Energy audit

Thought I would post this audit, nice one to use as an example. Home built around 1840. 5005 CFM@50. Here’s my scope of work.

Insulate attic
Insulated box sill in basement/change basement windows.
Replace 4 of the original windows
replace front and rear doors
Insulate dining room/kitchen ceiling and floor. (has none)
Insulate attic hatch door.

When the report is complete I’ll make the recommendation, complete the work scope and then re-test. I’ll post the test once completed.

My hope is to give everyone a better understanding of how these audits work for existing housing stock. There is a good chance hat these could become mandatory in every real estate transaction. They already are for government funded programs.

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I’d be interested in tagging along on one of your energy audits for learning purposes.

When you’re more towards Massachusetts, give me a heads-up and I’ll meet you on-site.

Our state provides these audits for free.The state provides the upgrades for free. The auditors are county employees I don’t think I can recoup my investment in this type of service. Blower doors and certification is around $8000 isn’t it? Do you use infrared for these audits Pete?

Your state would pay for this without limitation based on income? Forgive my skepticism but that sounds strange. Here in VT (and in NH) there are programs for low income households but not for everyone. Not sure of the level but I believe it’s at most 2 or maybe 3 times the poverty level. Which is not a lot.

No, the link describes the program as a low income program. In the last 2 years I have received a handful of calls requesting energy audits. Most just want an infrared scan for insulation deficiencies. Are you going to invest in a blower door and get certified as a rater? I see you do the Home Energy Tune Up. Is there a demand for that service?

The main reason I am doing this is because of my construction company and believe this is the way of the future. I am using IR when condition are correct.

Linus, blower door was 2450.00 and 875.00 for BPI certification, not a bad investment.

Dave, I would be happy to meet up with you on a job, may have one in Hampton Falls when it gets cooler. The house is a 3 year old custom cedar home with a stone fireplace, cathedral ceiling and many penetrations in the building envelope. Client has a problem with drafts during the winter.

Great, I look forward to it.

Please give me a heads up and I’ll bring my IR camera along. Hampton Falls is only a twenty-five minute ride from here.

Keep in touch.

Peter can you send me info on were you got your blower door and any other info you have. I would greatly appreciate it

Hi Linus,

Demand for energy stuff in VT is low right now as most folks just don’t give a hoot with fuel where it’s at. As things get colder I do expect demand to pickup.

IMO demand for energy audits take one of two things. Either constant promotion or fuel prices that hurt. Of the two it’s the fuel prices that will make people take energy use seriously. Until they hurt then they won’t.

I like the Home Energy TuneUp as a practical program at a reasonable cost. I add thermal imaging to that basic package which makes it useful. Frankly, I see the other certs (BPI, Resnet) as mostly welfare programs for training providers. Though I’ll likely get a BPI cert when fuel costs go up.

As of July 24, 2009, (ten more days) The Massachusetts Home Inspector Boardis requiring all Home Inspectors to distribute a document outlining the procedures and benefits of a home energy audit to all Clients purchasing a single-family residential dwelling, a multiple-family residential dwelling with less than 5 dwelling units or a condominium unit in structure with less than 5 dwelling units.

I think you’ll find that this is where our government is leading us. We have to stop wasting energy and home’s make up a huge part of it. There are many lobbyist in Washington now pushing their agendas and there are plenty of ears to listen. Thermal imaging has been part of real estate transactions in Europe for many years and now audits.

I recently found this weatherization program. Is this similar to what you use?

Here’s the one I use

It’s their Treat program.

So BPI uses that program and Home Energy Tune Up which Don uses has their own program? Do you have to pay for the BPI software program also? Do they do QA’s that you have to do periodically and pay for?

Treat is independent of BPI, I bought this software because it used quite a bit in NH, the state weatherization uses it as well as public utilities. Cost me $450.00 and yearly updates are available. Check out the sample report, it really does a nice job, very thorough.

They offer it FREE, so that hurts the market for all inspectors.

Darren, most state’s offer it free to income adjusted homeowners. Notice where it say you MAY qualify. Even those who do get free audits the auditor still gets paid, nothing is totally free.

It may be FREE to some people, so if you can’t beat em’… join em’.

I’ve already inquired about performing IR inspections for these audits and they will be getting back to me soon, as this Energy audit service is still in its infancy stages in Massachusetts.

New article on weatherization.

three-fer, you betcha