Energy & Weatherization Nashville TN

Energy Performance Audits for Clarksville Nashville and Middle Tennessee

Nice website Dave!!!


Nice site, but I noticed two errors that you might want to fix.

  1. Add in some examples: keep the reader interested: embed video: pictures of leaks or construction deficiencies. No IR at this point.

  2. Insulation resists heat transfer as well as air leakage if installed properly.

I would remove #1 and change the text in #2. Insulation is not an air barrier. I would inform your readers that air sealing prior to adding additional insulation is more cost effective.

Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:


Nice site Dave!!!

Thanks guys. I was looking for some sharp eyes.
I will be adding more, so keep an eye on me!

Anyone have a real good “Out the window” IR scan from the exterior (that they took)?

OK, I’m done messing with this page for now.
Please check with your browser. I use Chrome.

Very nice web site, I like the way you are heading your business toward IR weatherization etc.

you might want to use the google keyword tool for your title bar. I am just guessing and didn’t look, but I doubt IR is searched all the much. I would think “infrared” would be more searched.


Jason, This is my IR site. I’m adding on to it.

May consider a new site once I get things on the ground.

Your correct though, however I do get many calls for energy audits off the IR part of the site, may get more if I change though!


Nice site.

Might want to ensure that the building is operating as intended unless you really are planning to insure it;-)

Your site reads that fixing leaking windows is a good investment. Do you mean that you are going to air seal them? or replace them?. If you’re replacing them, I would disagree and say that the payback on replacing windows takes a long time.

Fixed! Thanks…

Window replacement improves on some leakage if the windows are crap, and better glass can increase U-Values…

“but in reality window-to-frame leaks are the greatest losses we find during our evaluations”.

Then I have a pic with the frame leaking bad!

Should I say window replacement is a wast of money?
That is what I was trying to slide in there! :wink:

I misunderstood what you were trying to say. I agree with your meaning, I’m just not sure if it’s what I read on the site… food for thought.