No Visual Evidence

Two wet drywall areas in a townhome, one located finished basement, other 2nd floor ceiling. Both would be missed without IR. Clients are always amazed!



havenoak 073.jpg

havenoak 073.jpg

havenoak 073.jpg

What was behind/above them? In other words, what caused them?

Wet wall suspected intrusion behind exterior vinyl siding, recommended contractor remove lower section of siding to evaluate. Vaulted ceiling, very restricted attic access, suspect roof leak. Roof was too high for safe access with my 28’ ladder.

Ah yes is it not great when you find that.

We had our first rain on Sunday…:mrgreen: Every one dust off your cameras.



No need to dust off mine…I’ve utilized mine during the summer.

Your a good boy then David:mrgreen:



we have had one of our wettest summers here in Calgary, I use my D50 FLIR on every inspection and yes my clients are amazed at what it reveals.

Good catch

can’t miss what you cant see.
don’t ya mean “undetected”?

No, I would not say “undetected”. There are plenty of people here that say that you can identify water lakes without needing thermal imaging equipment!

Mr. Evans, you should be ashamed of yourself for trying to hold yourself above the other home inspectors here!

Now that we got that out of the way…

Good job! :slight_smile:

Just curious but how do you know it was not missing insulation?
Was it confirmed by moisture meter?
Also do you check outside to look for missing flashing,downspout,etc?

doesn’t he have a moisture meter stuck in the ceiling in one of those photographs?

The normal photo is not stucco.(but yes he does)
I was blinded by the colors.
Does that say 83%?

That’s our Bob. Always distrcated by the pretty colors. :mrgreen:

Here’s one I took today. Tyvek viewed from the outside and the inside.:shock:

10-5-10 027.JPG


True but not dyslecsic distrcated.:slight_smile:

In my area (Montreal), record setting rainfalls in the last few days have triggered an unsurpassed demand for inspections (mostly basement flooding). My thermal imaging camera has been a great help - and asset - in helping to identify the affected areas, saving time and expense and getting the solution working.

The ceiling shown in the photo has a stippled or “popcorn” finish, common in tract built homes. Impossible to get a non invasive moisture reading due to the uneven surface. Missing insulation typically presents a different look, the ceiling had a very slight color change, would have been missed without IR. I have more than recovered my initial $9,000 investment in the imager and training over the past 18 months. Have booked many inspections due to the IR information on my web site. It is only one additional tool, but would not leave home without it!

Would a 125x125 have totally missed it?
I understand Bosh is coming out with a $1,000 unit at 125x50 to be sold at Home Depot very soon so we all will have them shortly but thanks for being the pioneers.
How will clients know the $15,000 model makes a difference in a sea of competitors?

You guys are the road warriors with the suitcase cell phones in the eighties.:slight_smile: