Episode 19 of NACHI.TV Up + A Surprise

Episode 19 of NACHI.TV is live at:


Keep an eye out for something special about 10 minutes into the show :slight_smile:


You have to pay attention to the right of your computer screen (not NACHI.TV’s screen) at about 10 minutes in, then click on it fast.

Nick’s still learning–he means “left” :slight_smile:

Awww Nuts !!!

Looks good Chris!

Now that’s a lovely bunch of coconuts!!!

I won… :slight_smile:

What did ya win?

Nice catch Nick. I guess John was the first though. Way to go John. :mrgreen:

Football anyone! Nice catch Nick.

I noticed most of the episodes have the flying coconuts. What’s up with that?:-k

It’s just something Nick tries to work into every episode to keep you on your toes. Now you can win prizes when it happens too !