Hot PIC of NFL wide receiver Mark Jackson on the set of NACHI.TV this morning.


Whats the episode about Nick?? The back drop looks like maybe an infomercial for New NACHI vitamin water for inspectors? :smiley:

Looks like Mark has one on the table too. Just teasing, I look forward to see what it was about. Exciting.

He compares being an NFL player to being an inspector, both have to perform in front of others at a high level all day.

I WAS RIGHT!!! Its about vitamin water!!! :mrgreen:

Nice job Nick. How did you book him? You got the coolest job bro.

Tom Brady next.


Get the Denver Broncos cheerleaders next…

That’s actually a PIC of me back when I had long hair.

And we’re paid about the same too.:mrgreen:

Mark Jackson made $60,000 his first year and no signing bonus. Times sure have changed.

Nah, you have bigger boobs :shock:




I’m looking forward to the final.

Paige (and her Bronco’s get-up) would have been an asset to this video…