Episode 83 - NIFAST Scholarships

Hey everyone,

NACHI.TV just released a new episode:

Episode 83 - NIFAST Scholarships
100 Totally Free Scholarships Exclusively for InterNACHI Members

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Seems very vague on how to apply so I used the contact form at nifast

Not so sure that worked - how do you apply for this?

Instructions are on the NIFAST website… when all else fails read instructions ha ha

I took the course and certification a few weeks ago and footed the bill myself. A pretty good course and not too hard but no work from it as of yet. To bad this offer wasn’t around at that time for me. They don’t mention that there is a $100 fee every year for recertification which includes another exam. I would like it to take off soon I could use the additional work, thinks are slow right now.

How do I sign up?

I’m interested in this! What does this Iowa home inspector need to do?


Jeanne & I both signed up-
Looks like a great opportunity!


How did you sign up? Do you pay for this when you sign up or what? I guess I couldn’t figure it out! I would love a full scholarship!

Send an email to halmendinger@nifast.org and request info on the program. They’ll send you a form to fill out and return.

Or, watch the video; it ends with the info you need, Scott!

Hello Russell,
Hi how are you guys doing . I have a quick question about nifast. Have you guys had any addittional work come in due to taking the course. If you can let me know that would be great.

I’m waiting for the scholarship winners to be announced - I plan on taking the course when I’m awarded a scholarship!