Ethics course: Hypothetical conflict of interest scenario

Student: Robert Torres
Subject: hypothetical scenario of conflict of interest

While visiting a Local Sell Fast Real Estate company to offer my services as a Certified InterNachi Home inpector, Real Estate Agent Mark Thompson has asked me to “make it worth his while” and he will pass my name around to all his fellow agents and clients. Since offering to, or to be willing to pay for referrals is a clear violation of the InterNachi code of ethics, I promptly refuse. I explain to him that I am responsible to uphold the InterNachi code of Ethics and would rather not do business with his company than to violate my commitment to excellence and the code of Ethics.

You posted your class assignment outside of the student discussion area and in the public area of the forum, where it is accessible to google and everyone else in the world. You gave the agent in your hypothetical scenario a real name.

So hypothetically speaking, what do you think the real agent who happens to coincidentally have the same name as your hypothetical agent is going to want to do to you when he sees his name plastered on the internet as the unethical agent in your scenario?

Which one? :wink: :twisted:

As I was inspection a house the real estate agent asked meto omit the current moisture intrusion noted on the interior surface of theroof sheeting. I explained to him thatthis is not permitted in the code of ethics. I went on to say that you should have a moisturemold inspection done at reasonable price. I also stated that this issue will bedocumented on the inspection report.

Upon inspection a home once, I had a real estate agent ask me not to write too much on my report and possibly not to mention that the roof had a leak at the time of inspection. I thoroughly explained that was unacceptable that I as a Licensed Inspector it would violate the code of ethics and liabilities.