Code of Ethics

Student post:
section 4 assignment
Hypothetical Conflict of Interest or violation of Code of Ethics
I was asked to perform a home inspection on the number 030303 Palm avenue in Movie Star city, when I received the client information, I learn the customer was a Real Estate agent who pretended to sell the property where I should do the inspection, I went to the residence at the time that the client and I agreed. The residence have about 50 years old, and you could tell it had several weeks of being empty, after having wounded the residence I made the Home Inspection following all applicable governmental laws and regulations, and also following the InterNachi Code of ethics.
when I finish my work, the client try to I erase my inspection report last pages where I made a suggestion for a second inspection performance by specialized infectaction inspector, in exchange for paying me a tip, I gave him a copy of the InterNachi code of ethics, and then I asked him to sign my original document of the inspection report, the I left the place

Hypothetical Essay on Code of Ethics

As an entrepreneur of rental property I have formed relationships with many relators. The job market left my rentals empty so I worked hard for my license for home inspection and begin my new business. On one inspection I ran into a familiar relator who remembers me. We speak briefly about my career change and the difficulties of a new business. She says “I can get you some referrals if you kick something my way”. I refuse and remind her that I have a code of ethics to abide by. I’d rather be known for my integrity.