Evaporative cooler in garage

OK, this is the first time I have seen this setup. Owner installed Evaporative cooler in garage. Cut hole between garage and kitchen so that the air blows into kitchen, etc…I noticed a gap in the top of the garage door and he indicated that is how the evap unit gets the fresh air. You will notice that on the top hinge it indicates summer and winter so that in the winter they move the top hinges so that the garage door will not have a space at the top. This was a townhome and he said the HOA said they had no problem with the evap unit in garage and they suggested the garage door setup. How would you write this on the report, substand install, etc…





Central systems are not allowed to return air from a garage into a living area so in my opinion this swamp cooler that draws air from the garage is no different. I would document as a safety hazard.

Thanks Charley. This was my concern as well was the return air.

Also…Firewall breach.


Oh yea, I already had mentioned that to them right off the bat.

Man, the Harry Homeowner HVAC company is everywhere!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

how is the air returning into the home from the garage? This is just a condensor.There is no air flow into the home.

It is an “*Evaporative Cooler…aka…Swamp Cooler” :slight_smile: *


You must live in the North Swamp coolers do not have condensers they draw air from the exterior of the pads across the moisture clad pads and discharge to where ever they are pointed in this case from the garage into the home. Swamp coolers are the poor boy A/C or in dry climates like AZ New Mexico south.