Verbage needed

For the first time, I’ve encountered a return air vent adjacent to a garage door. Need a very good statement for this.


Photo attached. The vent is not actually in the garage but close enough.


I don’t think you will find a specific code that would address that particular situation so I would reley on the common sense rule and safety issue with the possibility of return being drawn from the garage as the door should not be considered as air tight.

That is another one of those cases that makes one think why in the hell did someone do that.

Interesting. We often have a return in the mud room inside the garage, and a CO is always issued on the house. Many times the air handler is in the mud/laundry room as well and has a return on the box below the unit. Granted, I’ve seen only three gas furnaces in 6 years, so I’m speaking about electric only.

I’ve never written it up, because the return is inside the conditioned air space and not in a bathroom.

Was that even a fire rated door?

Hey Blaine,

Actually the fire rated door is swung open and out of view. I guess my only option is to remind client of the potential dangers and recommend a super tight door which the one they have is not.

Up here in the Great White North, a garage door into the house is required to have an automatic door closer so it will not be left open where gases/vapours can enter the residence…recommend one of those as well as the well weatherstripped door.

We do not require fire rated walls/doors but concentrate on stopping the passage of gases through the wall from garage to house.

Thanks guys. I’ll just reconfigure the garage so nobody can park their cars in it. :neutral:



That is a weird a$$ place to put a return, lol


I get all of the Scud Crud [FONT=Symbol]Ó[/FONT] inspections. Just look at the pic of that garage and yard too. That was a few days ago. :twisted:

How about…

“A return air register for the furnace was located near the door separating the living space from the garage.
This condition has the potential to be a serious or fatal health hazard as it may allow vehicle exhaust or other toxic fumes from the garage to be drawn into the living space and spread throughout the home through the heating system air supply ducts.
The Inspector recommends that you keep this door closed, be diligent in maintaining the weatherstripping around the entire door and check periodically to ensure that its automatic door closer is operating correctly.
Avoid leaving vehicles running in the garage or indulging in other activities which may produce toxic fumes in the garage such as welding or the use of toxic adhesives or the storage of gasoline, solvents, cleaning products, etc.”