Evaporative Coolers. Please proof this new inspection article.

Evaporative Coolers

Hey NICK, the article looked good to me with the following Q’S. Where did you get the % numbers for the "cost of operation HVAC VS Swamp cooler? I have found that the cost difference between the two are as follows. The swamp cooler is about 1/5 the cost to run as the Hvac unit also the unit you install Hvac about $6,000 here with ductwork and all. The cost to install a swamper for the same size home is about $1,500. about 1/4 the cost. Also you failed to mention the vent feature ( blower on and no water so you just pull air from outside with no water on) on the swamper unit can be utilized this feature when the humidity is too high for the comfort of the homeowner. :smiley: