Everybody owns a beach!

Look at these pictures! The developments are in Dubai. How do you market to people who buy homes there?:mrgreen:
What do you think?

Nice natural looking area!!! Some people just have too much money!!!

InterNACHI’s entire Dubai chapter (4 members) attended InterNACHI’s 2007 Convention in Toronto www.nachi.org/torontolive/

That was an amazing convention we had in Toronto Nick!!

BTW When I worked in Bahrain foreigners were not permitted to purchase real-estate, I believe the same law applies to Dubai.

Actually, someone told me that foreigners can own certain types of Dubai real estate (freehold) and they keep adjusting the property laws to get more foreign capital in.

Those are cool pictures

I just Googled Dubai and got this link to soon the worlds tallest building.


Like I said: “Some people have too much money!!”

Two couples from our former dinner party group haved worked in Kuwait and Dubai in the last 5-6 years. The stories they tell are incredulous until you realize they were there and they are firsthand stories!!!

You are correct, I was not aware of the change. I last worked in Bahrain in 1992 and the laws have changed there as well, my info is dated.:shock:

Our Dubai Chapter members are getting $3,000 an inspection too.

I have to move back!!:shock: NOT.

:shock: I can’t breathe. Really??

Does that equate to $250.00 U.S?:smiley:

I don’t think you can get your camel washed for $250.

Lowballers! :stuck_out_tongue: :mrgreen:

That does not include the crawl space.:mrgreen:

I imagine they are strict Muslim Fundamentalists