Evidence of small fire?...

Hi all,

Came accross this insulation today in the attic of this house. It looks like it was in a fire at one time?? Nothing else looked bad i.e. no burned trusses etc. Would you put in the report that there was possibly a small fire at one time??


100_4219 (Small).JPG

100_4218 (Small).JPG

I do not see anything there that would indicate a Fire.

It does look like the roof has been replaced.

Looks like old dirty insulation after a roof replacement. I see no fire evidence either.

Guess I was seeing this wrong! I love this message board. Thank you guys for answering.

Looks like debris from roof replacement and possibly some white mold in that first pic on that 2x on the right.

Old roofing material and dirt… I see…

I agree that the visual evidence does seem to proclude a determination of a fire, but even if there was evidence of a past fire, as long as it was properly handled, it’s really no big deal. Certain municipalities will allow a percentage of the framing to be damaged, and yet not be replaced, in 2 jurisdictions I work with, as long as 5% of the framed system or less is damaged, you just spray it with a sealant and move on.

As a Firefighter & Home Inspector I see no fire damage.