Exclusive InterNACHI deal on inspection robots

Nick, it’s always appreciated when InterNACHI pairs up with vendors that offer discounts to the members. It’s disparaging when the the discount amounts to 1.825% off the listed price. By no means is a $50.00 discount is not taken lightly, but on a $2,750 purchase? Guess when I ever get around to building my own, I may appreciate the offer I should have taken…

But it is the offer that counts… :wink:

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I agree with you on this one. Should have been at least $100.

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I built this for about $250. Independent suspension, night vision, Android app operated.

Welcome to our forum, Brian!..Enjoy! :smile:

Thanks for your input. The $50 is an additional InterNACHI discount off the current sale price listed for the general public on our web site. The total savings is just over 8% or $220.50 off the list price. As we identify any future cost savings we will be sure to pass them along,

-SuperDroid Robots Team

Thanks Griffin! Sounds like a better deal explained this way.

Welcome to our forum, Griffin!..Enjoy! :smile: