Coming soon: InterNACHI member discounts on Tobor inspection robots


Pace took the modeling gig, BTW.

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Man, he sure us growing up fast.
I checked the site out and it’s really impressive.
A 12/15 Pitch and even magnetic for metal roofs.

Which 1 of these could I send in and out of an attic?

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@gromicko Any word on this project yet? Would definitley be a nice addition.

They actually landed at the Denver airport an hour ago and are on their way to see me.


Hi guys and gals. This Mike Slawinski the president of Tobor Tech makers of the XBOT. Just met with Nick in Boulder and am so excited to update you we have a great deal in the works! Stay tuned for further updates coming soon InterNACHI members are about to get the best deal on our XBOT available anywhere on the planet! Keep you posted on when and where to buy our bots on this site within days!!! Nick just cut the most amazing deal for you members. Stay tuned.


Did this ever come to fruitation?

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Yes, they offer InterNACHI discounts.

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I emailed Mike last night to see what they offered and he replied quickly. They currently offer an Internachi discount and upgrade the controller. I have a Crawlbot, but these things have a lot more features than mine. May have to get one before too long.

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Coincidentally, I have a meeting with him in 30 minutes. I’ll give you an update afterwards.


Any update?

Hi Randy, you can visit Inspector outlet to view internachi discounts! Thanks for asking

As someone interested in a crawlbot, can you please give us more information on what sets you apart from the others?

Thanks for your interest Daniel!

We have many differences. Here are some.
As a professional in the industry we try to give you the needed tools to do a professional inspection.
Many of the XBOTs functions are patented or Patent pending.

  1. We provide hi/def pictures and videos that you see live. Full recordings go directly to your controller tablet that come with your XBOT.
  2. The GUI screen gives you the readouts live such as… Battery reading, distance driven, choice of 6 speeds, pitch and roll readouts, laser measure (optional) sonar distance, control of headlight and laser from tablet, anti roll over reading
    Ability to annotate.
  3. Telescopingup/down-cameras.
  4. Never stuck drive system which make the XBOT 6 wheel full time drive ( 2 wheels are under the body to keep you from getting high sided or stuck on top of a rock or other.
  5. Pan camera 270 degrees allows you to look directly behind the XBOT if you need to.
  6. Edge detection if needed
    ( optional )
    7)Job folder to keep your pictures and videos taken organized.
  7. 18 time OPTICAL zoom ( not digital ) on the Xtream model
    5 x digital on the Optimus
    No zoom on Xplorer
  8. peek-a-boo ability… climb a footer as an example to look above 18 “

Please go to inspector outlet to see video’s and a complete comparison list of our featured robots. Or feel free to call

Regards, Mike
Tobor Tech