Existing home sales in U.S. up 7.4%.

… for November.

Obama must not be all that bad.

yeah right…lol

All hard asset sales, including stocks, are being fueled by inflation fears.

Just heard on the radio an hour ago that sales nationally were down 11%. It’s all smoke and mirrors and what ever the lie of the day is.

home sales for nov. up 34% from last year around west central florida !!!

It’s looking good around here.

From the newspaper.

Realtors are saying that houses are being sold for less but it doesn’t look like that’s true from the article.

If you want to know if the economy is in good shape just ask any Real Estate agent if its a good time to buy:shock:



All time high of over one million forclosures out there. You will not hear that on any news wire service.

Wish there were more sales going on around here.

Sometimes it makes you wonder if it isn’t the media that drives the economy. Think about it, would Obama have won with out the media? I don’t think so.

I have a friend persuing his RE license. A broker friend of his is trying to hurry him up to finish the process as he is very busy and just this week acquired 2 other local companies. It looks like things could be picking up at least around here.
I think I’ll have a really good “in” to start the new year with a new biz…:cool: