Expansive Soils

I didn’t think there were any expansive soils in my area… until today. This is new construction. Can anyone judge by the photo how big an issue this might be. The home has a concrete perimeter foundation and is built over a crawlspace (there was water in it and it has been a very dry summer). A few hairline cracks in the foundation, but nothing alarming. I would appreciate any suggestions for a soils disclaimer.


It ‘looks’ like the soil is contracting.

As far as the water not enough info.


I just state in my contract and in the inspection report that I’m not a soils engineer, but nothing should stop them from hiring one if they choose.

A dislaimer on my program is: Note: This inspection does not include geological conditions or site stability information. For more information concerning these conditions, a geologist or soils engineer should be consulted.

Uneven, absent, or excessive moisture in expansive clay is a death sentence to any type of concrete foundation over time.

I live and work in the land of the moving earth. Some of our soils exceed 45 PI and soil injection is no longer uncommon for better built homes.

Business has increased 500% this year for foundation repairs and will continue as long as the drought and watering restrictions remain in place.

Around here you can twist or break an ankle walking across some yards.

Pretreatment and maintenance is key to protect homes built in adverse environments.



Earthquake cracks.