Visual Inspection of Concrete: Another InterNACHI inspection article.

Visual Inspection of Concrete.

Very well done article InterNachi Team!

We’re still waiting on a couple PICs for the bottom of the article.

I noticed that Nick!
Thanks goes to Marcel Cyr on this one also and I enjoyed the article info very much.


One of the best articles I seen on concrete, written for an inspector, on issues that will be seen daily



Good article… I do want to add that US map of expansive soils is not accurate enough for use at any particulate building sight. For example here in south central Missouri it shows little or no expansive clay. In fact there are some very expansive clay soils here in various locations and at different depths. I would encourage everyone to always check with the online USDA soils maps for their county and to get a site specific soils test if circumstance warrants the extra cost.

Randy you might want to give this directly to Kenton and get the correction done. We as an association of Professionals are trying to have the most accurate info possible and I am sure the InterNachi team will appreciate the input from you if it needs to be changed.

Thanks, guys, and yeah, I don’t think you can really show that sort of thing accurately on a nationwide map, at least one that will fit on a computer screen, but it does give a general idea, and inspectors can search for maps that are more local. I think it’s one of the things that inspectors need to take individual responsibility for.