An attorney that I have conducted business with in the past wants to utilize me as an expert witness. Is there any continuing ed for this? And can anyone provide any advise please.

This could lead to a large dollar relationship with this attorney group.


The attorney will usually have the court declare you to be an expert. This is done by stating your training and experience before the court. The judge then decides to grant or deny you as an expert witness for the purpose of the hearing.

Not to judge you by your number of posts, or your just last month join date, but those are NOT good signs of a Qualified Expert Witness.


and here is the agreement:

Just because he just joined, doesn’t mean he is new to being an HI, just new to NACHI.

I am a recognized “Expert Witness” in the judicial systems of; Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Since 1994 I have testified in approximately 120 trials, depositions, and arbitration hearings. I have never, and I repeat never “lost a case” and or been on the losing side. The reason?

I always tell the truth and more importantly I have full and complete documentation that will backup and/or verify each and every sentence that I speak.

My “areas of expertise” are; New Construction, Existing Construction, ICC Building Codes, ANSI Standards & Specifications, ADA Codes and Commercial/Residential Inspections.
Plus…. The makeup/construction and correct installation of; carpet, vinyl, linoleum, wood floors, Parquet, “artificial” wood floors {i.e. Pergo, Mannington etc.} travertine and ceramic tile.

My rates are $250.00 per hour in my time starts when I leave my office and ends when I return. I also charge 250.00 per hour for all “research and/or documentation gathering” that I do. For all phone calls, emails {both receiving and sending}, letters and correspondence {both receiving and sending} I feel bill in 15 minute increments. I charge .45 per mile for all travel. If I have to travel and stay in a hotel overnight I bill for meals, air fare and “expenses”.
I earned $12,500.00 for successfully defending my last client.

That being said…… I have turned down many a person who felt that since I was going to be “Their Expert Witness” that I should either look the other way or lie for them!
I looked at their cases very carefully and decided that either they did not have a case or that they were liars and that they would lie in court. Naturally I turned them down and told them that if they pursued the matter in court that they would lose!

So…… The bottom line is this. If you are going to be “An Expert Witness” be sure that you are!
If not you will find yourself in court facing one who will tear you apart.

Good luck and I hope this has been of some help to you.:nachi: