Exposed footings


I can’t see the bottom of the footing but if that is inside the crawlspace and the soil below the footing in undisturbed, I wouldn’t worry about it.

It is as you describe. thanks.

What about the crack and water penetration?

Was that vertical crack at the middle third location.
It may be a good candidate for Permaseal.

I should say drill and injection method.

Obviously I called those out,:wink: my question was really about the footings.

I wonder what will resist inward movement by the footing, which is usually accomplised by a floor slab. In the very unlikely event that the footing was formed with a key at the bottom, it might be fine, but if not, then something has to keep the footimg from sliding inward bue perhaps to soil pressure on the outside. Maybe the friction between the footing bottom and th earth is enough,but vthat calculation is certainly beyond my area of expertise.