Disturbing ground below footers

Does anyone know the rule on digging below the footers. The ground has been disturbing in this house built in the 40’s. I don’t think you can disturb the footing below the footers without a retaining wall or leaving the dirt undisturbed by 2 ft on either side.???

Vance-Chapel 055.JPG

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Vance-Chapel 058.JPG

I seriously doubt that house has much of a footer to begin with. Your going to have to base that one on past performance. Its built in the 40’s so its working. You can’t however predict future issues and obviously its not 100% Idealy it should have some type of additonal retainer or support but that drop off is small enough that I wouldn’t see an issues if the walls are not cracked up. All you can do is explain how its supposed to be and adivse a secondary review to ensure the second opinon doesn’t suggest more.

What’s a footer?

It is an excepted term used so sticklers can get excited when proving they are technically correct about something which does not matter. :slight_smile:

Tell it to the Judge! :twisted:

Foundation, poured concrete

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Amen brother.

Or, it should be an excepted term… :mrgreen:

So you acknowledge that it is NOT an excepted term. Thank you! :wink:

Try again.

Footer just sounds weird. Say it a few times. You’ll start to sound like a backwoods hillbilly. It even makes your mouth look stupid when it forms the word.

Don’t look and sound like a hillbilly, say “footing”.

Larry meant to say accepted, right? :wink:

Actually, I believe he said exactly what he meant! Professionals don’t like SLANG terms thrown around like last weeks dirty skivvies, soiling the profession, and I consider Larry to be a Professional!

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Why actually, yes it is.

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You are absolutely correct Bob - this is an “excepted” term that is not accepted among professionals.

Jeff got what I meant. Footer should be excepted and footing should be accepted…IMO, of course. :smiley:

Can not wait till you clowns use Sub-Panel.