Exposed Nails on Steel Roof

Hey Guys,
Hope one of you can help with this. From what I have learned on steel roofs there should never be exposed nails.
Though today I came across a steel roofing system that has exposed nails and claims there nails will never allow water in. It’s by a company called Hy-Grade have any of you ever seen this system before?


Thanks Jeffrey! I have seen the website but when I checked there system there was some loose nails, they went up in 1 pattern, and some even had screws sound a little odd?

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Like most everything… lazy and cheap contractors are the root cause of most issues we discover!
Report what you observed. Include a link to the company website for their information.


Like most everything…Lazy, inexperienced home inspectors calling out issues that don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground, blaming defects on contractors when the work was most likely done by dumb ass homeowners that seen it on TV.

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Hey Guys update found out from the manufacturer and it was improperly installed by the contractor as I thought.


Do have any photos of the improper installation at the metal roof you inspected?

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Image please.

Yes, they would be great to see and to help narrate.