Exposed Wood Beams Embedded in Foundation?

I am looking at a home and noticed that there is exposed wood beams embedded in the concrete foundation running along a side of the home. (See attached image). Seems like it has the potential to be a “termite highway.”

No one I have contacted has seen this before. Has anyone here seen this before? If so, what is its intended function? Any recommended remediation options?

There is a thread about this. Ill see if I can find it for you.

If it were my home I would dig the wood out as far back as I could and pack it with concrete.
And only hope it wasn’t expose to the soil below the foundation.

My best guess is that they are nailer strips for the metal lathe behind the stucco to nail to. There is over a foot of solid concrete there.

Although I have never seen this personally, I have read discsuuions where this is the concensus.

CS, What part of the country are you in, what type of foundation is that. That may help w/ opinions for evaluation. I’m in south Texas w/ slab foundations and have never seen anything like that, but am curious either way.

This is located is southeast Louisiana. The foundation is a monolithic concrete slab on grade.

Im not an inspector, but this was done on my house as well-my understanding is that as long as it is treated lumber, it is ok. On mine, it is put there for them to attach the siding to the foundation. Seeing as this house is stucco, I would agree with CS Nichols.

Is there a picture set back a ways… maybe also showing where this is vs the finished floor and grade height?

If slab on grade… I’m wondering what the benefit of the lumber chunks are … there should be a plate not too far from there to nail a screed to. If there’s not a plate close to there… I would have thought a better practice would have been to parge the stem wall.