Wood member(s)/Forms let into poured concrete foundation

Looking for some advice and or verbage for these pictures and an explanation about why this wood is let into the foundation and covered/parged.


I have heard others say that it is there to nail siding, but I personally don’t know for sure. It is common to see the soil touching the untreated wood.

Some areas of the landscaping are touching the wooden portion of the foundation walls. Minor maintenance issue to pull back the mulch. Recommend a minimum of 4 inches of clearance between the ground and any wooden portions of the home.

And yes, they are there to secure the siding to.

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?? Never heard of such a practice. Makes no sense to me, but then again, most of our homes are stucco siding. . .

Yes, they are let in to the poured concrete for sheathing/siding nailing. There is concrete behind it for the rest of the 8" wall.

We use treated around here, when done, for less worries.

An 8 foot tall foundation wall at the back or side of the house is an eyesore, so they let wood into the cement as a nailer for the vinyl. It’s a nice look and you don’t even notice it. Sure looks a lot better than a big gray slab that the house is sitting on. Sometimes they do get a little carried away with it, and get it a little too close to the ground.

If you think an eight-foot concrete or block wall is an eyesore, then you haven’t seen houses where the siding is extended down almost 8 feet. Gawd is that ugly. The proportions of the house are completely destroyed.

I guess the eyesore is in the eye of the beholder.

All right Architect, I agree. :mrgreen:;):slight_smile:

When its designed this way, it looks fine.

We do architectural concrete out this way :mrgreen:

Closest thing to that around here is EFIS. :mrgreen: